Maum meditation lied and hypocrite woo myung justified his wrongdoings

Their (Maum Meditation cult) recent Wikipedia posts have been deleted due to continuous, non-stop editing. ANY criticism or constructive comments were immediately taken down by certain IP groups.

They boast that it is “scientific”, but if you look deeply into their research it’s been done by bogus universities, or taking credit for mediation as a whole. For example, it is obvious that meditation calms you down. So they go to a virtually unknown school in Asia, give them money, do a simple CAT scan or similar, and OMG! This works!
I have posted here before, but thought I should post again… it’s like a rotten onion. On the outside it looks fine, but the further you go down into it, do you see the real face of the organization. Some of my friend’s lives have been ruined by this org, they go as far as to brainwashing you into leaving your parents, calling the founders of MM Mom and Dad.

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