Maum meditation hiding a lot from you.

All in all, Maum is very much like the Scientologists, the Moonies, TM and other scurrilous cults. They pick up vulnerable people, teach them a few simple techniques to help sort their lives out, but in the process brainwash them with sleep deprivation, extended meditation sessions, brow-beating and other techniques into dependency and obedience, while draining money from them. There’s a multi-step programme of ever-higher levels of teaching, and above the bottom levels, students are taught to recruit and extract money from vulnerable people, and so on.

Their leader used to claim to be a UN World Peace Ambassador; however, there is no such post or any mention of Woo Myung on the UN site. Lately, I note that the “UN” part of the title has been dropped (check the history of the wikipedia page on Maum).

I would be interested to know what make of car Woo Myung drives, and what his home is like. Non-profit? Yah.

Meditation should not rip a family apart… something seems off here…Like victims of tick bites are often unaware, as the parasites inject painkilling agents to numb the bite and start sucking your blood and living on you.

Same with Maum meditation its like parasitic tick attaches to your soul, injects some happiness drug in to you, and keeps sucking until you either awaken and remove the parasite or they will finished suck on you until it take your body and soul and your life completely, and you become one of their parasitic drones looking for a prey.

PLEASE do search about their organization, read ex member’s testimonials. Ask questions, because maum meditation hiding a lot from you.

What they are hiding ? They are hiding about the last level (it has several names- level 8, or culmination level, or chamma education, or human completion), after several years of practicing maum without this “culmination” you won’t be “complete”and they will make this clear that all your years of meditating will be for nothing if you don’t do this last level. They will demand high amount of money for it. They also hiding that to pass one of the levels, you will have to accept, that their leader Woo Myung is the Creator of the Universe. They are hiding about Sky fund donation requests to relieve your past away ancestors.

I am ex member of maum organization, I have been at their conferences, meetings, certainly they have dark energy circulating, its not natural, its not from Nature. Some darkness fills their minds and bodies. “Complete” (as they call them self’s) maum members has no normal life, they have hard time to keep a regular conversation going other than about maum meditation, they brag a lot about how happy they are, at the conferences maum leaders tells you that they are enlightened beings, and so on. I can tell this- they have no true freedom, their freedom is in the maum cult. Maum Meditation uses mind control techniques for their own gain. If you practice maum you are being brainwashed, you won’t know this, because their drug makes you feel happy, and you becoming addicted to it.

If you were or will be able to escape from maum meditation group, you will become stronger, brighter and wiser, you will understand that to be truly enlightened and live happy in peace, you don’t need any artificial methods and levels.

LET THE LIFE FLOW THROUGH YOU, LET IT FLOW NATURALLY, YOU DON’T NEED ANY SHORTCUTS, each of us we supposed to carry our own cross without help especially from maum meditation or similar organization.


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