Maum meditation members pretend to smile to get your money

I used to practice Maum Meditation and I have much experience with Maum Meditation. Recently this organization start changing their name on the Facebook and on the Internet, I think it because people start posting their true experience with this organization, now they go under something like “Meditation Method”, “Meditation North America”, “Arlington Meditation” and etc. I would guess they are doing this because under new names it will be harder to find the truth about this organization. On the Yelp website you can find some good and some bad reviews about their centers, it is obvious that some very good reviews are removed by Yelp because they were posted by Maum organization themselves using same IP address.

I would like to share my experience and I hope that it will be helpful for somebody out there. If you are reading this you ether are involved with Maum Meditation or you just discovered it and looking for more information. First, what is maum meditation ? During the introductory lecture Maum Meditation helpers (people who work their, guiding during meditation, are called “helpers”) will tell you that your mind is full of garbage, and they will help you to clean it. So is maum meditation good and right method to reduce stress and (as Maum Meditation promise) spiritual enlightenment, and peaceful mind? My experience in the beginning was really good, right now not so good.
“When a person first begins in their spiritual journey they are like babes in the woods. They are prey to every cult, religion and con artist out there”. Inelia Benz.
If you practicing maum meditation you would say “but I am getting amazing results”,“I can sleep better, I am more relaxed, I tried many other methods and only this feels right, or my relationship improved dramatically, or I felt something extraordinary”or similar feelings. Yes, you are right, in the beginning some of us getting some results, and here is why- what’s happening with us during this meditation its nothing new, those techniques are used for over 200 years (studies are done and books are written by neuroscientist and psychiatrists Kathleen Taylo, Ivan Pavlov, William Walters and other scientists ). A brief explanation – during this meditation our body goes through stress, because Maum Meditation is not a meditation that you sit quietly and suppress your thoughts, during maum meditation you are doing subtraction, you constantly in your mind bringing up your memories from the past (pictures) and mentally destroying them, also destroying your body, your friends, your family, destroying everybody and everything (as you progress in Maum meditation levels), so during long hours of this kind destruction our body goes through stress and brain releases chemicals called Endorphins. Endorphins are feel good chemicals our bodies release under pain or stress. They are considered the bodies own opiates. So we kind drugging our self during this meditation. And as we practice this method more and for longer hours per day, the result of this mental stage we get is impaired mental judgment and increased suggestibility.Basically our brain goes flat – “clean slate state”, and existing mental programming is replaced, by maum meditation helpers, with new patterns of thinking and behavior- our mind is reprogrammed to serve maum meditation group. Once a person has been “reprogrammed” they often cannot think for themselves, and become intellectually as well as emotionally dependent upon Maum meditation helpers and leaders, a person starts trusting them completely, a person’s ability to question information and use critical analysis are eliminated. We start going door to door to distribute Maum meditation flyers to recruit more members, start using food supplements Maum meditation sells us, and so on and on. This state of mind is a reversion to an earlier state of evolution.
In my opinion Maum meditation using mind control techniques, after receiving this new programming we passionately defend Maum meditation and their leaders, and we start claiming that we been “shown the truth”, “we will be saved”. . . or “this is amazing method”.
So is Maum Meditation a cult?
A while ago I would said no way Maum meditation is a cult, everybody so nice and loving, no way I am in a cult. Now I can say- nobody ever joints a cult, nobody joins something they think is going to hurt them. We join a religious organization, some movement, a yoga class or similar, and we join with people that we really like. Don’t you?

“The first rule of a cult recruitment, is that a recruit must never suspect he or she is being recruited” (psychologist Margaret Singer)
No one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he or she had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators. I can tell from my personal experience If you are in a relationship and in to this meditation then most likely your relationship will be ruined as more and more you progress in Maum Meditation levels. Cults usually try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you. So what is this maum meditation ? My opinion its a destructive cult. Do search on the internet and you will find many cases and testimonials of ex Maum meditation members, calls for help from kids, spouses, friends about losing loved ones to Maum Meditation.

How did I awakened from this Maum meditation dream? More you progress in Maum Meditation levels more some cultic signs start appearing, thats where a lot of people start leaving the group. My expirience was more painfull, but I realised that Maum Meditation is about money and recruiting more people who will bring more money to the organization, Inelia’s Benz article for me was like a breath of fresh air. I just realised what the truth is, what is true freedom of mind and soul, we just can’t pay a fee and meditate our self to salvation or enlightenment, I wish this for everyone, for Maum Meditation helpers and for everyone who got in to a similar group or organization.

As old Korean quote says 김치국부터 마시지 말라 “Don’t drink the Kimchi soup first”, my advice for those who just discovered Maum meditation- don’t jump ahead of your self, don’t think you found the right method before you will do research about Maum meditation group, read testimonials of people who left the group, read what is mind control, find information about destructive cults and what they do.
Here is few questions

  • Does Maum meditation operates using deception ? Is it true that when you first sign up they don’t tell you about a large sum of money you will have to pay for the “culmination process” (also called “chaMaum meditationa education” to receive “human completion”)with the Maum meditation founder?
  • Does Maum meditation needs to hide the truth until they think you are ready to accept it? If people knew their true practices and beliefs beforehand then they would still join them or not?
  • Is it true that after completing few levels (and when they think you are ready) Maum meditation helpers ask for $1000 Sky fund donation so that their group founder can remove your deceased family members from purgatory ?
  • Is it true that to finish and pass level 4, you have to accept and be certain that Maum meditation founder and his wife are creators of the Universe?
  • Is it true that Maum meditation also practice what they call “active meditation” to distribute maum meditation flyers and recruit new members?
  • Is it true that “culmination process” cost is $4000- $6000 ? or half or all of your savings?

2 thoughts on “Maum meditation members pretend to smile to get your money”

  1. Maum is a cult. They took my husband in February and I havent heard from him since. This place needs to be shut down. I have contacted the U.S. Embassy in Korea and all the news stations where I live to try to get the word out that this cult needs to be shut down. How does my husband just go missing after 11 years of marriage??? They took his phone away and made him stop talking to his whole family and myself. This is not ok!!!

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  2. Rod- do you have any information on the Maum cult in Las Vegas? This is the place that took my husband away in March and haven’t heard from him since


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